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Goldsite Pty Ltd is headed by Chris McKibben, a key identity in the fuel industry whose combined experience in business management, property development and the residential and commercial construction sector has earned him a wide reputation for progressive, innovative, sensitively planned developments, including childcare centres, service stations, residential housing and, more recently, Over 50's residential Resorts.
With his hallmark emphasis on quality in design, construction and finish, Goldsite Pty Ltd has set the tone in Gold Coast living. Realising the shortfall for self-care retirement housing, Chris and his team have spent the last ten years researching a product for seniors that provides a wide range of services, facilities and lifestyle choices including leisure and recreational opportunities that are available to communities united by age and needs. "We have tried to think of everything – delightful walkways, tree lined avenues, sweeping lawns and well-tended gardens all maintained by staff, and even a resident manager who is available seven days a week. "
The facilities offered at Golden Crest Manors are quite comparable with any five star resort and we are very proud to present this unique opportunity for people choosing to purchase a quality home and acquire a lifestyle they have only ever dreamed of.
Noel Mewett Developer / Project Manager Goldtime Developments Pty Ltd 
Master Builders Housing & Construction Awards

Health Facilities Over $10 Million

Community Service Facilities

Sporting Facilities $2Million - $10 Million

Lifestyle Housing for Seniors – Over $20 Million